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Heartfelt Remembrance Crests

Manufactured using a die which cuts 100, one inch by one inch hearts, out of pure, red felt.

The symbolism of the material used.

Felt is a fabric comprised of matted and compressed wool, which in and of itself, is a significant gift from nature to humanity.

Metaphorically speaking, to become like felt is to "mat together".
Have you ever felt great joy or sadness? The word "felt" also means to touch, and to be touched.

This unique material, with it's inherent warmth and its benign and grateful source, is in and of itself, a significant offering of both truth and love, gifted to humanity.

The symbolism of the "heart shape".

The historic use of this symbol to represent the heart as the centre of human feeling make it "the" fundamental bridge between cultures in the new global community now forming.

In the western world we, with the help of our Roman ancestors, have recently emphasized "romance" with this shape, which is only part of the truth.

The Heart is a pre-historic symbol, traced back before the last ice age, to the Cro-Magnons (Pleistocene period). The heart sign appears as a symbol in all the major cultural spheres. It also appears with a religious or positive meaning among Christians, Aztecs, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Celts, and Taoists. The heart shape seems to be a universal symbol throughout the world.

The Color "Red" signifies warmth, life, blood and heart.

Heartfelt Crest fasteners

The Heartfelt Crests were used with safety pins, and even straight pins, in September 1997, and served their purpose well. Since then they have also been worn with Canadian pins for memorials in September 1998. The crests have also been worn with small picture pins of loved ones for remembrance at funerals.

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