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Heartfelt Memorial Websites

Remembrances provides a venue where people are welcomed to create a memorial and archive information about loved ones who have passed on.


The internet is forever, it is humanity's, and it is an archive. This means that one need not be forgotten, nor need one's work be lost. Instead it can be digitally archived to be shared with the world today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

The opportunity to archive on the internet is a great gift that people may give to one another. In this way, our spirits will live on in the inspiration that we continue to create through a timeless and limitless, yet well connected web.

People are truly beautiful. Many have photographs attesting to their beauty and the beauty they discovered throughout their life's journey. Most smile and project love to the lens of a camera at one time or another. Most create beauty in one form or another over the course of their lives. For example children, music, art, gardens, ideas, and literature and other labours of love. Many people have created gifts, that without the internet, would never be shared and therefore would essentially be lost to humanity.

If you are interested in developing an archive dedicated to the memory of a loved one at Remembrances contact us by email to get started. We will configure a website for you, complete with private online administration and website templates. The interface is simple to operate and understand. You will be able to upload images and files to your memorial website and create, modify and delete pages, anytime and anywhere. Your site will be protected by a password that only you will know. You will not be charged a set up or hosting fee, though weight restrictions will apply. If you exceed the 2 Mg. limit you are however welcome to purchase more space at cost.

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