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A Heartfelt Vision

The Heartfelt project is a simple, yet profound initiative, that seems destined to find a special place in the 21stcentury global culture now forming.

The tradition of wearing Heartfelt Crests in memory of loved ones first began in Toronto, Canada, September, 1997.

Artist, Ritchie Sinclair and inventor, Garth Cole, were compelled to conceive and manufacture the first heartfelt crests in response to the compassionate impact that they witnessed sweep the world when humanitarian, Diana, Princess of Wales, tragically died. Furthering the impact was the loss a few days later of the great humanitarian, Mother Theresa. The global community's response seemed to evoke a common chord of compassion.

This chord found personal expression in Toronto through the Heartfelt Remembrance Crests which were freely distributed by the tens of thousands at church memorial services, City Halls, Skydome, schools, and other venues, throughout the Greater Toronto area, during September of 1997.

Only a year later, when the tragic plane crash of September 4, 1998 claimed many innocent lives, Heartfelt Crests were taken by the Prime Minister of Canada's party  to memorial services held with family and friends of the victims.

In order to give due recognition and expression to this emerging "humanity" the Heartfelt Remembrance Crests were inspirationally created.

Heartfelt Remembrance Crests are "one inch by one inch" red, felt hearts; thus "heart-felt". They are worn in a similar fashion to November's, "Remembrance Day" poppies, and for somewhat similar reasons, though they differ from one another in the scope of their "remembrance".

Those who wear a Heartfelt Crest bear a responsibility to exemplify the humane qualities reflected by those remembered, and to reflect on the collective loss to humanity itself that their absence represents.

It is a call to individually rise up to the challenge to be better people, endeavouring to fill the void to "humanity" created when we lost those so remembered.

When worn the "Heartfelt Crest" sends a powerful, yet subtle message to the wearer. It is a personal exposure to the community of the heartfelt spirit glowing within the individual who wears this symbol in reverence, reflection and recognition.

The Heartfelt Spirit is human, humane and humanitarian.

The Heartfelt Crest is this spirit expressed.

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