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The Heartfelt project is a not-for-profit Friendship Enterprises goodwill initiative inspirationally originated in September, 1997, by Garth Cole and Ritchie Sinclair.

Garth Cole is a Supervising City of Toronto Information Officer who has spent the last twelve years speaking one-on-one with thousands of Torontonians about the 3 R's, the environment and their personal responsibility for the welfare of our community. Garth's expertise in public relations and community education foundation the "eye to eye", co-operative, common ground approach of Friendship Enterprises.

Ritchie Sinclair is the principle developer and the primary creative force behind the Canada2 community network. He has a lifetime of study and leadership in the arts along with a degree in design. He is the protege of Ontario's Ojibwa Grand Shaman and world reknowned Native artist, Norval Morrisseau.
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RemembrancesRitchie and Garth are photographed before the presentation of the Meeting Place mural for the 1st International Pow Wow at Toronto's Skydome.

In 1997 they distributed thousands of Heartfelt Crests at memorial services for Diana at the same venue.

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